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  1. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damages caused by them.

  2. Animals should wear a collar and ID tags at all times. (Code 1967, § 5-46; Ord. No. 147, § 1(5), 4-2-1974; Ord. No. 381, § 15, 9-21-1982; Ord. No. 520, § 2, 3-17-1987; Ord. No. 874, § 1, 11-6-2001)

  3. Dog waste must be cleaned up by owners. (Ord. No. 2009-56, § 1, 5-5-2009)

  4. Gates must be kept closed at all times.

  5. Limit three dogs per visitor. It would be difficult for one adult to monitor more than three dogs. No other animals allowed in the park.

  6. Dogs showing aggression toward people or other animals will be removed from the park. Animals who exhibit a history of aggressive behavior will not be permitted to enter. (Code 1967, § 5-42; Ord. No. 147, § 1(13), 4-2-1974; Ord. No. 381, § 11, 9-21-1982)

  7. Puppies using the park must be at least 4 months old.

  8. Owners should not leave their dogs unattended or allowed out of site. Children under 13 should be under constant supervision. 

  9. Dogs should be leashed before entering and prior to leaving the park.

  10. Owners must carry a leash at all times. This enables the dog owner to remove a dog from the park for any inappropriate behavior. Dog owners must be in the park, within view, and be able to maintain voice control of their dogs at all times.

  11. Dogs in heat are prohibited from entering the dog park. The presence of a dog in heat may promote fights. This threatens the dogs as well as their owners who must break up fights. Unwanted pregnancies may also result.

  12. Fill any holes your dog digs. Dogs and people in the dog park may be injured if they step into a hole. 

  13. Do not bring human food, glass, or breakable containers into the dog park. Fights may occur over food, and dogs may become sick if they eat foods that are not part of their usual diet.

  14. Dogs must be properly inoculated, healthy and parasite free. This protects all dogs and promotes responsible veterinary care. (Code 1967, § 5-31; Ord. No. 147, § 1(1), 4-2-1974; Ord. No. 381, § 3, 9-21-1982; Ord. No. 520, § 1, 3-17-1987)

  15. Violators will be subject to removal from the park and suspension of park privileges.


MCCPRA reserves the right to close the Bark Park for maintenance, contracted functions, or as it otherwise deems necessary for protection of the health, safety, and welfare.

Users are required to immediately report all bites and significant incidents to 229-616-7025.

Report vandalism or park damage to MCCPRA at 229-668-0028.

In the event of any emergency, call 911. The Bark Park is located at 602 27th ST S.E.

MCCPRA reserves the right to remove a participant/spectator from the park for violating any of the above rules or engaging in illegal, destructive, or inappropriate behavior.

MCCPRA or its agents assume no liability for injuries sustained in the use of this facility.